National Donut Day!

It's National Donut Day and I celebrated by eating sauerkraut.  And then this happened.

You didn't expect me to celebrate National Running Day and not celebrate National Donut Day.  In a few weeks I won't get super excited every time I see Krispy Kremes.  I'll be in the land of Krispy Alabama every day is National Donut Day (31.2% obese +  35.3% just overweight...second only to Mississippi). But until then, when I see Krispy Kremes I'll stop-especially if it's National Donut Day. I also ran today.  So it all evened out.  I was planning on swimming until this happened.

I thought I had another pair of goggles.  No luck. All workout clothes/gear but the bare minimum were shipped last week and I didn't make it to buy new goggles before the pool closed, but I had to go buy new goggles.  I'm doing a triathlon tomorrow.

About a week ago I realized that my first triathlon in Hawaii was the North Shore Tri.  So why not make it my last (though I hope Kona 2014 in my future).  The North Shore Tri has always been one of my favorite tris (despite the long beach run from the swim to transition).  I might end up walking most of the run and I haven't been on the bike since I realized just how jacked up my achilles was (when it REALLY hurt to bike I realized how jacked up it was).  I'm probably being dumb by racing at all but I really want to so I will.

I also made what will likely be my last batch of sauerkraut in Hawaii.  It's become somewhat of a joke that I take sauerkraut to all cookouts, potlucks and dinner parties...but it's the first thing that disappears at parties...even before the guacamole and chips.  Because I'm delaying my departure for two weeks, my friends have told me that every party they have will also be a going away, as long as I bring sauerkraut.  Today we drank beer and I taught a friend how to make kraut.  This batch should be ready right after I leave.


Steve said...

New title. I was like who the Hell is this?? Now I know.

BTW I love sauerkraut. One of my favs. I bought some today, because Lisa closes once or twice each week, so I make my own meal.

This week on tap is Chicago style hot dogs. Kraut and the works. NUM NUM. :)

Good Luck tomorrow Maggs.

:) xo

sweetsweat said...

Good luck today! Sounds a tad bit warmer than my race today… water temp of 61 degrees! :)

LOVE sauerkraut! I need to learn how to make it because I could eat it at every meal, too :)

GoBigGreen said...

Hey i have been reading you from my phone making comments tough. I LOVE kraut:) at least GOOD SK!
I am excited you are coming to the mainland. I am sorry for the reason but i know you will be happy you did to support and spend time with your family.
TAke care of yourself, hope to see you "around" :)

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