Happy Father's Day

My dad's Facebook profile photo.  I get my athleticism from him.
I know this will be the last Father's Day I have with my dad still alive.  Right now he's in cardio ICU dealing with heart failure. He experienced heart failure (which surprisingly can happen many times and some people live quite long with chronic heart failure) and was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday.  He's actually much better than he was when he was admitted and there is a possibility he will stabilize enough to come out of the ICU and even go home.  A friend who is a cardiologist told me that being in cardio ICU in Mobile, AL is probably not as serious as being in cardio ICU in a major city/at a major hospital.  The larger the hospital, the better the chance the nurses on the regular floor are experienced with heart failure, but in small hospitals, it's up to the ICU nurses who have specific training.

I've gone to Bikram yoga the last four days. I spent $150 on yoga clothes so I take advantage of a week of free classes.  I'm still way more inflexible than anyone thinks possible, but I'm making progress.  The heat doesn't really bother me, there is maybe once, or twice during the class that I really feel it.  I sweat like crazy (I would say like everyone, but there is one woman that's been in the class who doesn't sweat  very much at all).  Today I became the yoga nazi.  The rules clearly state NO TALKING IN THE ROOM.  Prior to class as everyone was playing dead, the girls next to me kept chatting.  If it were only 2-3 minutes until class started I would have been okay with it, but since we still had 15 minutes until the actual class started I knew I would just be annoyed instead of relaxed. My evil glare didn't work.  Me telling them "shhhh" didn't work.  Me asking them to please be quiet didn't work.  So I told the instructor.  I just wasn't in the mood to deal today.  I still haven't been able to run (probably why I'm not in the mood to deal with things), but the achilles is healing.  After the third day of yoga it didn't hurt....anymore than the rest of my body.  It better get better soon because I have some training to do!

Moose and Springer had their annual vet checks.  Moose weighed in at 96 pounds.  He's a BIG boy.  Solid.  But big.  I tested some sedatives on him the other night (for the long car ride after the long plane ride).  This is Moose on drugs.

The only other exciting thing is that I figured out how to send sauerkraut through the mail.  I vacuum sealed the jars inside bags.  Exciting I know.  The first jar went to my dad for father's day.


Steve said...

You are a better person than me.

I like you Maggs more than most people, just cuz.

I have dealt with some of the stuff you are going through way back when, but really... I like you.

reason being I don't know. I like you. :)

Have a good night. I am going to bed.

Love ya's. :) xoxo

Clair said...

I'm glad your dad is starting to feel better. I hope he gets to go home soon.

GoBigGreen said...

Never give up hope on how long your dad will stay with you on this earth, he maybe here a lot longer than you think:) Pretty much out of our hands ! But i am sure he loved the kraut!
That is a BIG DOG!

NY Wolve said...

This post is touching to me. My dad has always been the rock of our family and now not doing so well. Nothing like your Dad, but little things. Health, forgetfulness... And I can't imagine the next several years.

Good luck in Alabama. Treasure the moments